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The department of surgical gastroenterology started in 1987. This has completed its 24 years of service to the humanity. This institute is nationally recognised for treating the most complex Gastro Intestinal cases. Besides running a specialised unit for Surgical Gastroenterology, Proctology, Stoma Care Therapy, Laparoscopic surgery to cater the needs of the city, it has been a tertiary referral centre for patients from other parts Tamilnadu and also from neighbouring states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and other Northern states. GI bleed centre was started in 1999. This department has achieved a great success from its G.I. Bleed centre in getting referrals from city hospitals – both private and public, also from other cites of Tamilnadu. This is the first ever department in a Govt. Hospital to get ISO 9001:2000 accreditation in the entire country. Needless to say that our centre has unique distinction in performing maximum number of liver resections, pancreatic surgeries and oesophageal surgeries in this country.


This department has trained many doctors, assistant & civil surgeons and professors in the field of Endoscopy, GI surgery and laparoscopic surgery. Super speciality course in Surgical Gastroenterology (M.Ch) was started in this department in 2002 – 2003. The Govt. of Tamilnadu sanctioned a liver transplant unit to this department first of its kind in the Govt. Sector in this country. This department moved to the new building which was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in April 2007. This department was upgraded as the Institute of Gastroenterology and was declared as ‘The Centre of Excellence’ by the Govt. of Tamilnadu.  Stem cell research lab was commissioned with the aid from ICMR. First successful liver transplant was done on 28th January 2009.  Cadaver Maintenance unit first of its kind in the world was inaugurated by Hon’ Deputy Chief Minister on 16th November 2009.  


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Prof. S  Jeswanth

Professor & HOD


Dr. T. Selvaraj

Associate Professor


Dr. A. Amudhan

Sr. Asst. Professor



DR.R Kamalakannan

 Sr. Asst. Professor


Dr. S. M. Sathish Devakumar

Sr. Asst. Professor


Dr. J Saravanan

Asst. Professor


Dr. M Thiruvarul

Asst. Professor


DR.R Sukumar (IR)

Asst. Professor
















PROF S. Jeswanth MS MCh, (Professor & Head)



CHENNAI-600 001.

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Super Specialty

 MS General Surgery

3 years



TN Dr. MGR Medical University





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Post Graduate


Dr. Ashokkumar


Dr. Govind K Purushothaman


Dr. Harshit Kamal


Dr. Karikal Chkaravathi


Dr. Mohamed Riyaz


Dr. Rohith


Dr. Srinivasan


Dr. Sudakar


Dr. Venkatesh



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The Laboratory was started under the Liver Transplant program to offer standard diagnostic support for Liver Transplants at the Institute based on the Government Order G.O (Ms).No 163 H & FW dept. Dtd. 31.08.06. It was launched on April 15th, 2007 and liver transplants started in January 2009 and is now an ongoing surgery. The Laboratory catered to the diagnostic requirements of the following :

1. Liver Transplant Program

2. G I Bleed Centre

3. Infection Control.

Dr. Secunda, Sr. Asst. Prof of Microbiology along with a team of outsourced Technicians work in the laboratory.

 Lab Services For Liver Transplant Program :    

  • Brain Dead Donor assessment
  • Liver Recipient assessment
  • Intraoperative Lab diagnostics including periodic Blood Gas, Biochemistries and Thromboelastography
  • Postoperative diagnostics for recipients while in critical care  on 24hrs X 10 days approximately  


Research Publications (National and International ) Last 3 year

1.    Implications of the presence of an aberrant right hepatic artery in patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy-World journal of gastrointestinal surgery 2014
2.    Synbiotics in Surgery for Chronic Pancreatitis: Are They Truly Effective? A Single-blind Prospective Randomized Control Trial-Annals of surgery 2015
3.    TranspancreaticHepatomesenteric Trunk Complicating Pancreaticoduodenectomy-Journal of pancreas 2013
4.    Percutaneous ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of portal vein thrombi as a diagnostic and staging technique for hepatocellular carcinoma-Abdominal imaging 2013
5.    Incidental gall bladder cancers: Are they truly incidental?- world journal of GI oncology 2014
6.    Impact of perioperative enteral synbiotics in hepatic and pancreatic surgery: design and rationale of a single blind placebo controlled prospective randomised control trial-BMJ 2013
7.    Preoperative Platelet–Lymphocyte Ratio Augments CA 19-9 as a Predictor of Malignancy in Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis-world journal surgery 2015
8.    Acinetobacter: a war zone in the hospital. British microbiology research journal 2015
9.    Bile duct thrombi in hepatocellular carcinoma: is aggressive surgery worthwhile?-HPB 2015
10.    Hepatocellular carcinoma with bile duct thrombi in non cirrhotic livers: is aggressive surgery worthwhile?: FO29–08
11.    Ultrasound Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of Portal Vein Thrombus: A Novel Diagnostic and Staging Technique for Occult Hepatocellular Carcinoma-Arch ClinExp Surg. 2014
12.    Endoscopic band ligation for peptic ulcer bleed ,Oncology gastroenterology hepatology 2013
13.    Macronodular tuberculosis of the liver: a tumour masquerade-Tropical Gastroenterology 2014

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16.    Role of plasmapheresis in early allograft dysfunction following deceased donor liver transplantationWorld J Hematol, 2017
17.    Prospective Evaluation of Innovative Force Assessing Firmware in Simulation to Improve the Technical Competence of Surgical Trainees
18.    A gist of gastrointestinal stromal tumors: A review-World J GastrointestOncol 2013
19.    HemosuccusPancreaticus: 15-Year Experience from a Tertiary Care GI Bleed Centre-Hindawi Publishing Corporation ISRN Radiology,Volume 2013
20.    Laproscopic Excision of Large Ciliated Foregut Cyst - Therapeutic Angioembolisation of bleeding pancreaticoduodenal artery aneurysm 
21.    Spontaneous esophageal perforation: when not to operate
22.    Cystic Lymphangioma of Pancreas – Case  Series- IOSR –JDMS April 2017
23.    Management of Symptomatic Giant Symptomatic Hemangioma  Liver – Case series –IJIR JOURNALS 2017
24.    Impact of Perioperative Enteral Immunonutrition on Infectious Complications After Major Gastrointestinal Surgery
25.    Predictors of Malignancy in CCP with head mass –World Journal of Gastrointestinal surgery 2013 
26.    An unusual cause of lower gastrointestinal bleed: angiomyolipomas, in an unusual location of the colon- International surgery journal -2016

27.    Retrospective analysis of devascularisation with/without spleenectomy for control of variceal bleed following failure of endotherapy /pharmacotherapy – JMSCR – January 2018
28.    Hepatocellular carcinoma with bile duct thrombi ( icteric hepatoma )- a 19 year experience from a tertiary care centre JMSCR – DEC 2017
29.    Cystic SOL of pancreas – not always malignant – JMSCR – sept 2017
30.    Exrahepatic intraductal biliary cystadenomas : solving mystery of “ idiopathic biliary obstruction “ ? A tertiary care institute experience IJHPD 
31.    An interesting presentation of ameboma – A case report and review of literature .


On- Going Research – List :

Stem Cell Research Centre

Govt. Stanley Hospital

Research Conducted during the past Five years



S. No

Title of the Project


Isolation and expansion of Mesenchymal stem cells from various sources.


Growth and differentiation of Umbilical cord matrix derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in different concentrations of human platelet lysate supplemented medium.


A comparative study of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from Bone marrow in Animal Sera Vs Human derived supplements.


Gene expression of Adult Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from various sources –Umbilical Cord Matrix, Bone marrow, Adipose tissue, Placenta: A Comparative study.


Characterisation of Mesenchymal Stem cell derived extracellular matrix.


Isolation and Characterisation of Hepatic Progenitors in Fetal Liver .


Decellularised liver scaffold generation


Evaluation of extra cellular matrix (ECM) composition in acute liver injured mice before and after decellularization.


Regenerative capacity of MSC in animal model with acute liver injury


In vivo Bioluminescent Imaging study of Animal Liver Injury Model following PKH67 tagged Mesenchymal Stem Cells Transplants.






















Post Graduates ON Going Research

S. No

Title of the Project


Comparison of liver function tests before and after physical activity in all hospitalised patients - A prospective interventional study


Pseudocyst fluid analysis in   predicting the complications of pancreatitis


Prospective study of clinical profile acute pancreatitis


Study of Splenic anatomy in relation to splenic capsule


 HPE Finding in gall bladder fundus neck and body in stone disease.


Biliary pressure monitoring/LFT correlation prior to and end of surgery in obstructive jaundice. Correlation bile colour and liver biopsy at the time of biliary decompression and after surgery















Prizes and Awards Won (Description with Photos):

Prizes and awards won:

  1. Dr.  SUGI SUBRAMANIAM , received Prof Dr. N. Rangabhashyam Gold Medal for censuring first rank in Dr. M.G.R University exams in Surgical Gastroenterology in year 2018.
  2. Dr. SUGI SUBRAMANIAM received first prize in TNSGE quiz competition held in 2018 at Chennai.
  3. Dr. C. RAMAMURTHY received third prize in TNSGE quiz competition held in 2018 at Chennai.
  4. Dr. KANCHAN SACHANANDANI received First prize in poster presentation On Retroperitoneal Mature teratomas at ISGCON 2019 held at Kanyakumari
  5. Dr. KANCHAN SACHANANDANI received Second prize in Quiz competition at ISGCON 2019 held at Kanyakumari

CME/ Conference /Workshop conducted by the department

Our department celebrate the world organ donation day at Stanley 17.08.2015

Organ donation awareness programme

CME at Hotel Savera 27.05.2015

Stanley gastro update 2015

Govt. Stanley Medical College 29.04.2015

Harvesting Techniques in Cadaver for Liver Transplantation

HPB CON 2018

Live workshop










Prizes and awards won:

1.    Dr.  SUGI SUBRAMANIAM , received Prof Dr. N. Rangabhashyam Gold Medal for censuring first rank in Dr. M.G.R University exams in Surgical Gastroenterology in year 2018.
2.    Dr. SUGI SUBRAMANIAM received first prize in TNSGE quiz competition held in 2018 at Chennai. 
3.    Dr. C. RAMAMURTHY received third prize in TNSGE quiz competition held in 2018 at Chennai.
4.    Dr. KANCHAN SACHANANDANI ASHOK received First prize in poster presentation On Retroperitoneal Mature teratomas at ISGCON 2019 held at Kanyakumari
5.    Dr. KANCHAN SACHANANDANI received Second prize in Quiz competition at ISGCON 2019 held at Kanyakumari
6.    Dr. H. Sakthivel Transplant Fellowship in King College , London , United Kingdom 2020