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Department Phone no. : 044-25284038

The Department of Community Medicine is full-fledged and has the following faculties : Professor & Head, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Tutors, Entomologist and other non-teaching staffs.

2. FACULTIES : (Name, Mail ID)

Dr. P. Seenivasan
Dr. S.ArunMurugan
Dr. J.Anaiappan
Dr.P.Saravana Kumar
Dr. T.Suseela
Dr. S.Latha Maheshwari
Dr. R.Yamuna Devi
Dr. S.SameeyaFurmeen
Dr. S. Krithiga
Dr. D.SenthilArasi
Dr. A.Evangeline Mary (UHTC)
Dr. R.Tamilarasi (RHTC)
Dr.P. Jeyalakshmi
Dr.B. Vanithamalar
Dr. K.Rajesh



First year :(2019)



  1. Dr.GowriShankar.M
  2. Dr.Kokila.S
  3. Dr.Meera.S
  4. Dr.ShameemaRubaiya
  5. Dr.VishnuPriya.S

Second year (2018)

  1. Dr.J.Abishek
  2. Dr.Deepanchakravarthi.V
  3. Dr. Hemamalini.B
  4. Dr..Sankar.K,
  5. Dr.Santha Sheela Kumari.K

Final year : (2017)

  1. Dr..Narmatha Devi .B
  2. Dr. Ramya.S
  3. Dr. Sharmila.P.V
  4. Dr.Shruthee.S.G
  5. Dr. Sivaranjani.S


Under-graduate and post-graduate teaching and training.
Services attached to the Department :

  • Urban Health Training Centre – Field visit and Surveys
  • Rural Health Training Centre – Field Visit and Surveys
  • Master Health Check-up
  • Fever Clinic
  • Camps- Special clinics and Seasonal outbreak camps
  • Exhibition Duty
  • Health Education Services
  • Alamadhi Rural Medical Services

Type of the course :MEDICAL

  Name of the courses offered M.D. (Community Medicine) M.B.B.S M.phil
1. Eligibility M.B.B.S degree from any Indian university recognised by MCI The candidate must have individually passed Physics, Chemistry & Biology; attended and fulfilled the eligibility criteria of NEET UG exam. MSW -specialized in medical and psychiatric social work (preferred);
Specialization of integrated social work, family& child welfare and human resource management (considered).
2. Course duration 3 years 4 1/2 academic years and 1 year of compulsory internship 2 years
3. Sanctioned no. of seats 5 per year 250 per year 15 per year
4. Date of starting course 2016 May 1938 2011
5. Affiliated university The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai
6. Selection procedure NEET –PG examination and counselling held in All India and Tamil Nadu based on NEET-PG score. NEET – UG examination and counselling held in All India and Tamil Nadu based on NEET-UG score. Selection committee
7. MCI recognised
or not
Recognised Recognised The TN Dr.MGR University recognised

1) Classes for the Undergraduates

  • 1st year MBBS :Theory class and Field Visits
  • 2nd year MBBS :Theory class, Family Survey, Block posting, Field Visits
  • 3rd year MBBS :Theory class,Family Survey, Block Posting, Field Visits,

Group Discussion, Seminars.

  • CRRIs : Rural & Urban Posting, Monitoring ,Weekly Review

2) Classes for the DMLT students – Theory, Demonstration
3) Classes for the Postgraduates – Theory, Seminars, Field Visits, Journal Club,
Case presentation, Family study, Dissertation review
4) Classes for M.Phil students – Theory, Seminars, Field visits, Dissertation

  • PHCs attached to the department : Naravarikuppam, Minjur, Vilankattupakkam
  • UHTC attached to the department : Sanjeevarayanpet

Periodic academic activities held in the department

No. Day Academic Activity
Under-Graduate Post-Graduate
1. Monday Third year class / Monthly Internal Assessment Problem solving/ Skills learning / Group Discussions
2. Tuesday Second year class Seminar / Symposiums
3. Wednesday Third year class Dissertation Review / Lecture
4. Thursday First year class Journal club
5. Friday CRRI review CRRI review / Dissertation review
6. Saturay Third year class Case Presentation / Family study / Monthly Internal Assessment

Block postings for second and third year students on all working days, in rotation, in batches.
Regular postings for post-graduates to RHTC, UHTC and other departments in rotation.


  • No. of museum models : 106
  • No. of museum specimens : 66
  • Total no. of Charts : 240

Photos enclosed
We have a well furnished and equipped research laboratory to facilitate under-graduate and post-graduate training and research. (photos attached).

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7. On-Going Research

S.No. Doctor’s Name TOPIC
1. P.V. SHARMILA Awareness of Hypoglycaemia and Complications of Diabetes among Patients with Type II DM-A Community Based Cross sectional study
2. B.NARMATHA DEVI Body image perception among college students and the factors affecting it in Tirupur District
3. S. RAMYA Prevalence of anaemia and its determinants among the post-natal tribal mothers in Salem District, Tamil Nadu
4. S.SIVARANJANI A cross sectional study to determine the prevalence and risk factors of low bone mineral density among men aged above 40 years in a rural area.
5. SHRUTHEE.S.G Pre-menstrual syndrome – prevalence, associated risk factors and its socio economic impact – A cross sectional study in Chennai
6. DEEPANCHAKRAVARTHI.V Social Support and glycaemic control among type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Tertiary Care in Chennai.
7. SANTHA SHEELA KUMARI.K A Cross sectional study on Dengue Preparedness among people residing in Urban Slum in Field practice area of North Chennai




S.No. Doctor’s Name TOPIC
1. M.JANAKIRAM Prevalence of Domestic Violence and its determinants among married women in rural area of Tamilnadu(2016)
2. C.JAYAPRIYA Prevalence and Factors affecting the utilization of health insurance among households in Tamilnadu(2016)
3. S.RAJESH KANNA Home-based New-born care practices among tribal population in Nilakottai area of Nilgiri District(2016)
4. K.SARAVANAN Prevalence of Osteoarthritis Knee in rural area among Elderly population(2016)
5. M.SEETHAKUMARI A Cross sectional study on prevalence of respiratory problems among agricultural workers in cuddalore district(2016)
6. P.V. SHARMILA A cross sectional study on comparison of self care practices among type 2 diabetes mellitus patient in rural and urban areas of Salem(2017)
7. B.NARMATHA DEVI Life style factors and its determinants and their impact on Quality of life among geriatric population in Tiruppur District.(2017)
8. S. RAMYA A cross sectional study on Menstrual practices among Adolescent girls in Tribal population in Tamil Nadu(2017)
9. S.SIVARANJANI Quasi Experimental study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on oral hygiene among middle school going children in a rural area.(2017)
10. SHRUTHEE.S.G A Community based introspection into reproductive healthcare among women in Kancheepuram District,Tamilnadu(2017)
11. SANKAR .K Utilization of integrated child development services by mothers of children under the age of 6 years in urban setting ,Tamil Nadu – A mixed method approach(2018)
12. SANTHA SHEELA KUMARI.K A Community based interventional study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching program on Breast carcinoma awareness and self breast examination practice among self help group women of reproductive age group in rural Chennai.(2018)
13. ABISHEK. J A case control study to determine the risk factors contributing to sleep deprivation among Young adults aged between 19-25 years in Urban Chennai.(2018)
14. DEEPANCHAKRAVARTHI.V Effectiveness of structured teaching program in promotion of sanitation and hygiene among mothers of under five children- A community based interventional study.(2018)
15. HEMAMALINI.B A Quasi experimental study to assess the effect of structured nutrition education program on the dietary practices of middle school children of private schools of private schools of Urban Chennai. .(2018)




  • Third prize in Community medicine Quiz in IAPSM - KOVICON, held at PSG Medical College, Coimbatore, on 7th Sep 2019 - Dr.Shruthee.S.G, Dr..Narmatha Devi .B.
  • Second prize in poster presentation at IAPSM Sangamam TN Conference in Aug 2018– Dr. C.Jayapriya


  1. Govinda Bhatt Memorial prize for proficiency in Community Medicine
  2. Govt. Prize for nutrition (elocution)
  3. Govt. Prize for nutrition (essay writing)
  4. Yearly MCQ test
  5. Prizes for research paper presentation





11. CME/ Workshops / Conference conducted by the department :





1. 07.01.2017 Abstract Writing
2. 17th – 19th March 2018 Research made easy
3. 06.07.2018 CME on Leptospirosis- challenges and issues in management and control
4. 20.07.2018 Protocol Writing
5. 01.08.2018 to 07.08.2018 World Breast Feeding week celebration
6. 28th – 29th Sep 2018 Public health sociology – new directions
(PG refresher course)
7. 05th -06th Oct 2018 Research Methodology
8. 08.10.2018 CME on Invasive pneumococcal disease – a newer perspective
9. 29th – 30th March 2019 Research made easy
10. 17.07.2019 Protocol Writing
11. 17th-19th Oct 2019 COMED_Q : Academic fiesta on Community Medicine

12. CME/ Workshops / Conference attended by the department :

S. No Date CME/Workshop/Conference Topic & Venue
1. 5 – 6 Aug 2017 CME National Symposium on Clinical Research Methodology at Dharan Hospital, Salem
2. 13-14, Oct 2017 CME STANMED 2017 at Department of General Medicine, SMC
3. 14-16, Nov 2017 Workshop Research Methodolgy & Biostatistics – How to do a good dissertation at Department of Epidemiology, The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University
4. 6 – 8, Dec 2017 Workshop Geographical Information System (GIS) for Public Health Practitioners/ Research Investigators at NIE ICMR, Chennai
5. 12-14 Dec 2017 Workshop Revised Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies
6. 22 Dec 2017 Conference PHCON 2017 at JSS Medical College, Mysore
7. 23-24 Mar 2018 CME CLOUD NINE – A PG Learning Programme at Department of Community Medicine, KMC & IAPSM, TN State Chapter
8. 17-21 Apr 2018 Workshop Short Course on Fundamentals of Biostatistics , Principles of Epidemiology and SPSS at Department of Biostatistics,
Biostatistics Resource and Training Centre,
CMC Vellore
9. 23-24 Apr 2018 Workshop Short course on Sample Size Calculation at Department of Biostatistics,
Biostatistics Resource and Training Centre,
CMC Vellore.
10. 8 – 10 May 2018 Workshop Workshop on Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis at SAMARTH & SCARF Foundation
11. 29 – 30 June 2018 Workshop Workshop on Pedagogy at Department of Community Medicine, SRMC and IAPSM, TN Chapter
12. 6 Jul 2018 CME CME on LEPTOSPIROSIS – Challenges and Issues in Management & Control at Department of Community Medicine, SMC
13. July 17,18,19 2018 Workshop Research Methodology at Dr TN MGR University
14. August 18,19
Conference IAPSM-TN Chapter at Kanyakumari
15. September 11,12 2018 Workshop Diagnostic Screening test-Validity & reliability at ESI Medical college
16. September 25 2018 CME Dietary concepts and approach to principal nutrients – MMC Chennai
17. 28 – 29 Sep 2018 CME Public Health Sociology at Dept. of Community Medicine, SMC
18. October 1 2018 CME Entomology – MMC Chennai
19. 8 Oct 2018 CME Invasive Pneumococcal Disease at Dept. of Community Medicine, SMC
20. November 30 2018 CME Vaccine updates- Chengalpattu Medical College
21. January 30 2019 CME Suicide Prevention- Presidency College
22. March 6-10 2019 Conference IAPSM National Conference, Shimla
23. April 11,12 2019 Workshop Demystifying biostatistics, ESI medical college
24. July 15-27 2019 Workshop Basic Epidemiology & Research
CMC Vellore
25. 17 – 21, July 2019 Workshop Public Health Ethics at IIT Bombay
26. August 7-9 2019 Workshop CLTRI, Chengalpattu
27. September 5-7 2019 Conference IAPSM-TN Chapter ( KOVICON)
PSG medical college