Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Introduction:- Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University exists with the explicit objective of facilitating and promoting, in their own words, “studies, research and extension work in emerging areas of higher education with a focus on professional education.”

The University was established in 1998 by the Government of Delhi under the GGSIPU Act 1997. With the act’s amendment in 1999, the University came to be recognized by the UGC. The University stands to facilitate quality education in fields of engineering, technology, management studies, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, education and law. The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University aims to achieve excellence in the aforementioned fields along with other matters connected with them. Vision and Objective: The University has a vision of stimulating scholars and empowering them with the skills necessary to contribute to society at large, to foster dynamism in the students to help them adapt to the changing needs of the economy and also, to enable them to advocate for peace, harmony and prosperity. .

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What the University provides to its students.

On a more practical note, the University strives hard to provide market-oriented professional education to the students. It also promotes the establishment of colleges and Schools of studies as Centres of Excellence in emerging areas of education to build the capacities of students as Industry-ready professionals.

The University is committed to providing an innovative and dynamic environment to motivate students to excel and gain knowledge through its effective quality management system.

Achievements: The University has, in a span of just 13 years, earned the best of natural accreditations, educational awards and stringent certifications:

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