• NameofNodal/Regional Centre:
  • Name oftheConveneroftheCentre:
  • NameoftheMedicalCollege:
  • Name of the MEU Coordinator:


Sr.No. Name Designation & Department of Curriculum Committee Members(faculty) Mobile Email AETCOM & BCWattendedatRC/NC/college ACME attendance Status (ifYes, specifybatch) CISPStatus(I&II)
          AttendedY/N From To    
1 Dr. P.Balaji Dean Department of Surgery 9841077272 drpbalaji15@gmail.com No       Yes
2 Dr.M. Kulandaiammal Professor of Pharmacology 9444434212 drkulandpharma@gmail.com          
3 Dr. Nisha S.R. Manuel Associate Professor Dept of Anatomy 9551374793 nishasujaya2002@gmail.com          
4 Dr.P. Seenivasan Medicine & allied 9942698840 seenuchaya@yahoo.com          
5 Dr. A. Anandi Professor of Surgical Specialty - Dept of Surgery 9841172767 anandiandappan@gmail.com          
6 Dr. A. Jamila Vice Prinicpal MEU Co-ordinator 9841066329 dr.jamilarose@yahoo.com          
7 Mr. Siddharth Student Representative 7358002686 siddhusirtrarasan98@gmail.com          


Please note that one faculty each from pre-clinical, para-clinical, Surgery & allied disciplines, Medicine & aligned disciplines who have undergone training in rBCW + AETCOM & ACME ONLY and at the rank of ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR & ABOVE can become Curriculum Committee member. It will be chaired by Dean of the college & will include Student/Intern representative).

Dean of the college will be the Chairman of Curriculum Committee.