Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
The Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) Stanley is Registered with register number 294/CPCSEA since December 2000 and registration renewed on 17.11.2016 under The Government of India, Ministry of Environments, Forests and Climate Change, Animal Welfare Division, Office of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)
 The Central Animal House is Maintained by Department of Pharmacology
IAEC Members
Chairman- Vice Principal
Member Secretary- Dr.M.Kulandaiammal, Prof & HOD, Department of Pharmacology
Scientist Incharge of Animal House facility - Dr.B.Kalaimathi, Dept of Pharmacology
Veterinarian- Dr.C.Kavitha
Dr.N.Saravanan - Main Nominee
Dr.R.Ilavarasan - Link Nominee
Dr.Surapaneni K rishna Mohan - Scientist from outside the Institute
Dr.R.Selvaraj - Socially Aware Nominee
IAEC Activities
Conducting periodic IAEC meetings including Animal House Inspection
Maintenance of Animals
Maintenance of Records of Central Animal House