Department of Yoga and Naturopathy

Yoga and Naturopathy life style clinic in Govt. Stanley Hospital started functioning from October 2014. Patients are taught with various yogic practises for improving general health as well as for various diseases. We are providing treatments like massage, acupuncture,magnetotherapy,chromotherapy. Hydrotherapy treatments are given in the form of steam bath,spinal bath and hip baths.Apart from this meditation practises are given for psychiatric patients. Diet counselling and food supplements are given in powder forms for various patients. Obesity,arthritis,insomnia, hypothyroidism,anxiety, hypertension,diabetes and many other patients are benefitted by yoga and Naturopathy treatments. Our department is functioning in OP building 2 floor,in 1350 sqft,with one yoga hall and one treatment room and a consultation room. Outpatient census has increased upto 150 per day.