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Institutional ethics committee of Stanley Medical college is reregistered with the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization ,
ethics committee division with register number ECR/131/Inst/TN/2013/RR19 on 8/8/19.
The following is the constitution of ethics committee.

S. No. Name Qualification Role in Ethics Committee
1 Dr. R.Arun Kumar M.D, Ph.D Chairman
2 Dr. M. Kulandaiammal M.D Member Secretary
3 Dr. M.P.Saravanan M.D Basic Medical Scientist
4 Dr. M. Edwin Fernando M.D, D.M Member/Clinical
5 Dr.C.Balamurugan M.S Member/Clinical
6 Dr. J. Ganesh M.D Member/Clinical
7 Dr. V. Rajalakshmi M.D Member/Clinical
8 Dr. Naheed Azhar M.D Member/Clinical
9 Dr. C. Sridhar M.D Member/Clinical
10 Dr. V. Dilli Rani M.D Member/Biological Scientist
11 Dr.Arun Murugan M.D Member/Epidemiologist
12 Dr Rohini PhD Member/Social Scientist
13 Mr. R. Arul Sahayam M.A, MSW Member/Social Scientist
14 Adv. Sathish Kumar M.A.M.L Member/Advocate
15 Shri. RajendraBabu Retired OS Member/Lay person


  • The ethics committee was established, so that a quality and consistent ethical review mechanism is present for the research proposals submitted.
  • The ethics committee provides independent guidance and advice for health research .
  • The ethics committee analyses
  • Research projects of faculties, post graduate and undergraduate students of Govt Stanley medical college,non therapeutic and non interventional studies Clinical trials
  • The ethics committee will take care that all the cardinal principles of reseach ethics viz Autonomy benefecience, non maleficience and justice are taken care in research protocols.
  • Will discuss about the SAE s , if any and send detailed report to the DCGI